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Is a group Personal training Session. Our classes require athletes to have a basic understanding of our movements and how to scale exercises that you may or may not be ready for. For that reason most athletes will require some foundation training sessions before attending classes. A No Sweat Intro is required for anyone wanting to be a member at the Bodyshop.


(Older, Wiser, Living, Stronger)
A group training session for individuals with more life experience that still put a priority on their health and fitness. These are still challenging workouts with a focus on strength, cardio, balance, coordination without the more complex movements found in regular classes. The group session are kept at a smaller size for more individual attention and customization.


Is a semi private session with some access for regular members. This class will be different programming from our regular classes. “Sweat” won’t have the higher bar and gymnastic skills in its programming, but will still be plenty sweaty and challenging.
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Brand X West Kelowna SPARTANS

A class for our teen athletes (13-17) with a focus of learning all of the awesome movements we do in classes at the Bodyshop. Your teen will be building on their athleticism, confidence, strength, conditioning, mobility, agility etc. All done in a supervised, motivational, supportive, fun environment.

BrandX West Kelownna, GLADIATO:RS

A class for our kids athletes (9-13) focusing on making fitness fun through games and workouts where the intent is learning how to move properly while also burning off some of that endless energy that is so prevalent for this age group.


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